Rules & rewards
Rewards are set as 70% of the total Tournament C-shirt minting revenue and are distributed as below:
  • 30%

    of the minted amount, for the developers
  • 60%

    of the minted amount, for all match wins (to be divided for every match, and for each team's player)
  • 10%

    of the mintend amount, for special prizes, divided as below:
  • 80%

    of the special prizes, for the championship winning team (to be divided for each team's players)
  • 8%

    of the special prizes, for the MVP
  • 8%

    of the special prizes, for the Top Scorer
  • 2%

    of the special prizes, for the Assist-man
  • 2%

    of the special prizes, for the captain of the championship winning team
NOTE: once we close the public sale, we will update the winning revenue with ETH.


Looking for answers?

Where can I check the game rules?

There is only one rule, get your c-shirt and love the game! For general rules open this page and for specific Tournament's rules and rewards check each Tournament page.

How can I win ETH?

You can win ETH every time your Tournament C-shirt's team scores a winning in its championship, and in many more ways, check the rules & rewards for each Tournament.

How do I get a Tournament C-Shirts?

  • You will need a C-Shirt to take part in each Tournament private sale. There are 250 spots with free-mint option (1 per wallet).
  • We will take a snapshot of the blockchain with all the wallet addresses that owns a C-Shirt just before each Tournament's private sale.
  • Only the wallet address visible in the snapshot will be allowed to mint in the private sale.
  • If you don have a C-Shirt, you can get access the public sale.
  • If you missed the public sale, you can take a look on Opensea.

How do I get C-Shirts?

You can secure a spot for yourself in the whitelist to enter the the private sale of 800 C-Shirts (free-mint), and you can mint how many C-shirt you want in the public sale.
Every C-Shirt gives you lifetime access to free minting of 250 Tournament C-Shirts for each championship, gives you airdrops of new Tournament C-Shirts and voting power over what sports championship you would like to see in the next year.
You can get Tournament C-Shirts by private sale (free-mint) if you own a C-Shirt or public sale if you don't or missed the private sale.
You can also find both the C-Shirts and Tournament C-Shirts on Opensea.

I win! How can I claim my awards in ETH?

  • Open this page, connect your wallet and withdraw your wins balance in ETH any time you want.
  • Keep the winning Ethers attached to your NFT and protected by the contract and increase the appeal of your NFT in the secondary market.