There is only one main rule: Get a C-Shirt to enter the game - Get a Tournament C-Shirt to start playing!

Tournament NFT collection

Every championship has a specific Tournament C-Shirts collection; you'll be required to own a Tournament C-Shirt to start playing the game!
Every Tournament C-Shirt refers to a specific player of a particular team in a specific real-wolrd championship.
The holders of these NFTs can claim ETH every time your reference team will score a win in its championship or for every individual price of your player over the Tournament.
  • Total supply: based on the number of players that participate in each Tournament
  • Private sale: 250 spots, for C-Shirts holders only - 1 per wallet, for each Tournament.
    • This means that if you own a C-Shirt you could have one free Tournament shirt for every championship!
  • Public sale: all the remaining NFTs
There are 8 tournaments in which you can play:


The 70% of the total minting revenue for each championship will be distributed for the same Tournament as a reward. For a precise distribution, check each tournament page on the top menu.
You'll get a reward for:
  • Every win of your player team during the Regular Season
  • Every win of your player team during the Play-Off
  • For the championship win of your player's team
  • If your player is entitled to Golden Ball or MVP (if relevant with the sport)
  • If your player is the top scorer
  • If your player is the top assist-man (if relevant with the sport)
  • Extra reward if your player is the captain of the championship win team
To find how the rewards are distributed for each championship, check each Tournament's Rules & Reward sections.

Claim your wins

For every match won by the team of your Tournament C-Shirt player, the NFT will acquire some ETH based on the rewards just mentioned.
NFTs holders can decide to claim their balance using this website or to leave the won ETH related to the NFT to increase its value in the secondary market.


During every tournament, new players are commnly added to each real-world teams so we will mint the related C-Shirts and send them randomly to C-Shirts holders only.
These new Tournament C-Shirts will start earning ETH on every wins of the related real-world team.