The NFT tournament

Mint, play and Win ETHs for real-world sports tournaments

Next drop
  • Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2022 20:00:00 GMT
  • Total supply: 8000
  • Private sale: 800 (free-mint)
  • Public sale: 0.2 ETH

The project

Non-Fungible Cup

It's an NFT game with real prizes in ETH, related to real-life sports tournaments.

Tournaments NFTs, represent digital twins of real players, where NFT holders receive prizes based on players' performances.
[Check out the game rules]

Grab your C-Shirts for lifetime access to every Tournaments private sales (free-mint)!

The games: Non-Fungible Tournaments

NFTs collections related to real world sport's teams, with private sales access only for C-Shirts holders.
Taking part in the Tournaments means winning ETH every time your NFTs scores a win. Check game rules.

What are the C-Shirts?

A generative collection of 24x24px images, with utilities for participating in Tournaments. Total supply: 8000.

How to get a C-Shirt?
What are the Tournament C-Shirts?

Collections of teams' jerseys related to every player in each real-world championship. Each of them, can collect ETH for every winning game and you can claim your wins once available. Check game rules.

How to get a Tournament C-Shirt?
  • Follow us on Twitter and check the roadmap for drops dates
  • Access on private sale (for C-Shirts holders only)
  • Public sale
  • Secondary market
How much gas for all these drops?
All C-Shirts contracts are based on ERC721A for gas optimization.


Tornaments' private sales are for C-Shirts holders only

Early September 2022
  • C-Shirts private sale
  • C-Shirts public sale
September 2022
  • Premier League 2022/23 private sale
  • Premier League 2022/23 public sale
  • Liga 2022/23 private sale
  • Liga 2022/23 public sale
  • Serie A 2022/23 private sale
  • Serie A 2022/23 public sale
  • NFL 2022/23 private sale
  • NFL 2022/23 public sale
  • UE Champions League private sale
  • UE Champions League public sale
October 2022
  • NBA 2022/23 private sale
  • NBA 2022/23 public sale
  • NHL 2022/23 private sale
  • NHL 2022/23 public sale
November 2022
  • World Cup Qatar 2022 private sale
  • World Cup Qatar 2022 public sale
  • More tournaments to come, based on c-shirts holders votes


Looking for answers?

How can I start playing?

You can get a C-Shirt to have lifetime access to every tournaments private sale (free-minting). Or you can try to grab a Tournament C-Shirt from the public sale or Opensea.

How do I get C-Shirts?

You can secure a spot for yourself in the whitelist to enter the the private sale of 800 C-Shirts (free-mint), and you can mint how many C-shirt you want in the public sale.
Every C-Shirt gives you lifetime access to free minting of 250 Tournament C-Shirts for each championship, gives you airdrops of new Tournament C-Shirts and voting power over what sports championship you would like to see in the next year.
You can get Tournament C-Shirts by private sale (free-mint) if you own a C-Shirt or public sale if you don't or missed the private sale.
You can also find both the C-Shirts and Tournament C-Shirts on Opensea.

How do I get a Whitelist spot?

Follow our Twitter account and partecipate to the raffles.

Which is the price for a C-Shirt?

There will be 800 free C-Shirts for the WL and 7200 C-shirt that will be possible to buy in a public sale for 0.2 ETH.

Wen mint?

The mint date for C-Shirts is on Thu, 01 Sep 2022 20:00:00 GMT
There will also be the mint for the Tournament C-Shirts just a few days before the start of each real-world championship.

What Tournaments are part of the game?

Now you can mint Tournament C-Shirts for: NFL, NBA, NHL, UEFA Champions League, Soccer World Cup Qatar, and many others for the 2022/23 season.
Remember that owning a C-Shirt allows you to vote over what sports championship will be in the agenda for the 2023/24 season of the game!

How do I get a Tournament C-Shirts?

  • You will need a C-Shirt to take part in each Tournament private sale. There are 250 spots with free-mint option (1 per wallet).
  • We will take a snapshot of the blockchain with all the wallet addresses that owns a C-Shirt just before each Tournament's private sale.
  • Only the wallet address visible in the snapshot will be allowed to mint in the private sale.
  • If you don have a C-Shirt, you can get access the public sale.
  • If you missed the public sale, you can take a look on Opensea.

Where can I get the game rules?

Click on "Rules" in the top menu.

How can I earn ETH on a match?

Get a C-Shirts for the related tournament.

I win! How can I get my award in ETH?

Click on "Claim wins" in the top menu.